Whether you need small springs or large springs, you can save time and money by taking advantage of our entire custom spring design and manufacturing package

You know it pays to simplify your supply chain by reducing, wherever possible, the number of vendors you need. That’s why it makes sense to inquire about the needs Springs & Things, now ISO 9001:2015 certified, could meet beyond the services you normally associate with a supplier of customs springs in Canada.

Expert spring design assistance, plus fast turnaround and rush delivery in days, not weeks or months

Some customers come to us with a finished product and a clear idea of how that part will work within a larger assembly. Other customers come to us with some awareness that they need a spring or “thing”, but are not quite sure how the part should be designed. Or perhaps they have a design and are looking for an alternative that offers better performance, reduced cost – or both. For example, one customer came to us with a request to manufacture two springs. After looking at the designs – and how the springs would be used – we recommended an alternative that involved the manufacture of just one spring. Sure, in the short term, that meant a smaller order, but we learned long ago that the most important business is repeat business and you have to deliver exceptional value and service to earn that loyalty.

Removing guess work with load testing of compression, extension and torsion springs   

Performance is confirmed with load testing or, when necessary, more demanding testing in laboratory settings. For example, we use the results of load tests to redesign parts that are close to what a customer needs, but require a slight adjustment in strength.

Improving performance with special spring coatings and finishes 

Working with a network of highly experienced and accredited vendors, we can handle almost any request for custom spring products with special coatings and finishes. The two most popular commercial finishes are:

Also available to meet your specification:

Don’t see what you need? We can meet just about any request for a custom spring or specialty spring or we will refer the job to one of our trusted suppliers. Get stated today by giving us a click (links to Contact us page) or call (905-670-4777; toll-free: 866-780-2070).

Shot Peening

This process is performed on parts that have to be able to resist multiple shocks and heats, such as a high-performance die spring or an engine value spring. The process involves bombarding a metal surface with a media that creates a uniform layer of compressive stressed metal, a step that increases part life by making the metal surface more resistant to fatigue and stress corrosion failures.

Packaging enhancements at no extra cost

A little extra thought can go a long way when it comes to spring packaging and delivery. For example, the addition of a paper insert can make all the difference between getting two sets of springs that are easy to remove from the carton — and a tangle of springs that create a headache for your production staff. We think of these things long before it’s time to ship an order – and that means you get, at no extra cost, an order that is easy to unpack.  

Tight deadline?  Nobody works harder to provide rush delivery in days, not weeks or months. 

What if you need highly customized packaging? We can do that, as well, for a small additional charge — one more reason why we are leader among companies that design and manufacture custom springs in Canada.


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