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Yes, Springs & Things has been a trusted supplier of industrial springs, custom made springs and parts with spring-like qualities things since 1997.
Yes, we gained our certification September 14, 2018 and it extends to September 13, 2021.
We are a trusted supplier of a wide variety of custom compression springs, coiled springs, extension springs, torsion springs, spiral torsion springs, wire forms, springs flat and a wide variety of parts with spring like qualities. Feel free to contact us whenever you need metal spring design, special metal springs, stainless steel springs, spring assemblies or are looking for a coiled spring manufacturer in Toronto, Ontario or Canada.
It could be virtually anything that is made out of a traditional spring material. For example, you may need an S-hook or a formed metal part that needs a little spring tension. Or perhaps you have a nylon or solid metal part that is no longer available and you need a replacement. A custom designed part from Springs & Things may be the timely and cost effective solution
Yes, if you are trying to find a custom spring manufacturer in Canada and are doing searches for "spring manufacturer Canada" or "spring manufacturing in Canada" or "custom spring and wire design in Canada, don't do anyting until you have spoken to us. We are already a trusted supplier for many businesses in the USA and regularly receive visits from small businesses and corporations who are located in California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan and Ohio. There has never been a better time to try a Canadian custom springs manufacturing and design company as the highly favorable exchange rate between the American and and Canadian dollar means U.S. dollars have increased buying power north of the border. Yes, we will accept an RFQ or quote that originates in Canada or the United States. We are unable to accept requests for quotations from outside Canada or the United States.
We are set up to provide rush delivery in days, not weeks or months, on anything from a spring prototype to a wire form. Whether you need a breakthrough flat spring design or large order of extension springs, you can count on us to do everything possible to meet and exceed and your expectations.
No. We supply custom springs and specialty springs.
Our growing list of satisfied customers for custom spring design in Toronto, Canada and the U.S. range from Blue Chip corporations to new and emerging companies. We are also a trusted supplier of wire springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, spiral torsion springs, wire forms, flat springs, assemblies and coiled and special springs for government agencies and educational institutions.
Yes, our growing list of satisfied customers for custom springs includes companies and businesses in the United States. We have successfully filled orders in many states, such as Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
Yes, we provide spring design help. For example, we often work for Entrepreneurs and Owner/Operators who have invented something new and need a spring to complete their product.

We can help meet your spring product and inventory goals with:

  • weekly, monthly blanket orders of springs, with push/pull releases to work with your Lean Strategy
  • production runs (several million pieces) of springs
  • custom orders of springs
  • short orders of as little as one spring
We deliver the high service levels you would expect from a family-owned springs manufacturing business while maintaining the professionalism you want and need from a leading springs supplier. Try us just once and you will see there are no middle-men who inflate costs and extend production schedules. Instead, you have direct access to senior sales and production staff with a total of 125 years of springs manufacturing experience. That makes a difference.
Yes, companies in Canada and the United States come to us when they need design and manufacturing of customs springs for windows and doors. We have many years of experience making springs for doors and windows and can fill orders small and large.
There are many, but two of the most common sources of orders are manufacturers or makers of custom furniture and businesses in the toy, craft and novelty market.
As an industry leading springs maker, we are often able to provide quotations within 24 hours. We may also be able to help you save time and money by creating specialty springs or a custom spring design that allows you skip a manufacturing step, such as crimping or welding.
We have dedicated sales and design staff who can show you how to use spring materials to cut manufacturing costs while also increasing functionality. For example, you could take something that is made now out of plastic, nylon or solid metal and save money simply by switching to spring material. We can even go to your plant to see your full assembly, take measurements and exchange ideas with your engineering and production teams. It's easy to arrange, just give us a call or click to arrange an appointment.
Yes, we are a good choice if you are searching for flat spings Toronto, flat spring steel or spring steel flat.
Some clients come to us with a finished spring design and we are very happy to handle that kind of order. But more often than not we can make a suggestion on how to modify the design to make it more functional and or reduce costs. It's best to come to us as soon as possible because that means we can look at all options. Conversely, if you call when the design is close to final, fewer options will be available and that could mean that you are not able to take advantage of the best option.
There's something about wire forming that brings out the best in our design and production staff. No wire forming challenge is too large and they will push themselves and our machinery to the limits if that's what it takes to meet and exceed customer requirements. Most wire form orders are for clips, clamps and retainers. But that's just the start because a wire form can be shaped into just about anything you could imagine and with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel. So if you are looking for wire forming Toronto or are located outside of the GTA and have a urgent wire forming need, call the experts at Springs & Things.
Yes, we are a trusted supplier of custom compressions springs for a growing number of companies in Ontario and U.S. businesses who want to take advantage of the highly favorable exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Canadian dollar by ordering compression springs (and any other type of custom spring) from a company like Springs & Things, located in Toronto, Ontario.
Yes, we can confirm performance with load and extension testing or, when necessary, more demanding testing in laboratory settings. For example, we use the results of load tests to redesign parts that are close to what a customer needs, but need a slight adjustment to achieve optimal performance.
Yes, we provide shot peening on parts that have to be able to resist multiple shocks and heats, such as a high-performance die spring or an engine value spring. The process involves bombarding a metal surface with a media that creates a uniform layer of compressive stressed metal, a step that increases part life by making the metal surface more resistant to fatigue and stress corrosion failures.

Yes, we can handle almost any special coatings jobs, including specialty requests, and the two most popular commercial finishes are:

  • Bright Zinc (Clear colour) and Bake. Yellow, Red, Black and Olive Drab colours also available.
  • Zinc Phosphate and Oil. Standard Grey or Black Colour. Wet or Dry Oil.
  • These tried and true finishes are often used as a cost effective way to improve performance, meet aesthetic requirements or protect against corrosion.
A little extra thought can go a long way when it comes to spring packaging and delivery. For example, the addition of a paper insert can make all the difference between getting two sets of springs that are easy to unwrap -- and a tangle of springs that create a headache for your production staff. We think of these things long before it's time to ship an order and that means you get, at no extra cost, an order that is easy to unpack.
Yes, manufacturers of medical equipment or medical devices are among the clients that we serve. We can handle design and manufacturing of custom springs for medical equipment or medical devices and we have extensive experience handling orders of a single piece or a thousand pieces.
Yes, if you are searching for custom spring design Ontario or custom spring design Canada, we can fullfil your order. The same applies to searches for specific custom springs, such as torsion springs Ontario, coiled spring Ontario, compression spring Ontario, extension spring Ontario, flat spring Ontario or flat spring Ontario.
We can do that, as well, for a small additional charge.
We offer product assembly and parts assembly, a value-added service not readily available from competitors. We use refined assembly methods and specialized equipment provide to achieve unmatched product uniformity on simple or complex designs.

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